Administrative and Guest support

Amin Kabani
Salon & Spa Director

With over 15 years experience in sales and marketing, Amin Kabani has established himself successfully as a salon boutique owner and a premier sales consultant. He has worked in all aspects of the beauty industry from sales and marketing to advertising and training. These experiences blessed him with many accolades and national awards with various hair care manufacturers including Paul Mitchell, Goldwell and Framesi. Amin's knowledge and approach with salons to establish them as successful businesses and careers has earned him the recognition as a top consultant in the beauty and hair-care industry. Recently Amin chanelled his creative side by exploring the art of makeup and has quickly gained a reputation as a leading makeup artist and tanning specialist. He has had the privilege of participating in many magazines and portfolio shoots while loving the balance in both his business and creative edges!

Barbie Bannister
Salon and Spa Manager
Guest Experience Manager
Group Booking and Pageant Booking Coordinator

Administrative and Guest Support

Fatima Goode
Administrative and Call Center Support

Administrative and Guest Support

Administrative and Guest Support

Guest Experience Manager
Call Center Manager
Group Booking Coordinator

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