The Massage
Massage Series: Call salon for Specials.
Couples Massage $150 & up.
Couples Suite Massage with in-room jacuzzi $300 Massage therapy decreases stress and physical tension, restores balance, and aids in the rehabilitation of injured muscles.

Mini Session ( 25 Minutes ) $45 and up
Concentrates on the neck, back and shoulder.

Full Session ( 50 Minutes ) $80 and up
A general Full Body massage with emphasis on relaxation.

Extended Session ( 1 Hour 20 Minutes ) $105 and up

Ultimate Session ( Approx. 2 Hours ) $170 and up

Chair Massage ( 5-15 Minutes ) $1 per minute

Relaxes the body, improves muscle tone and stimulates circulation. Swedish massage focuses on relaxation and does not incorporate deep bodywork.

Deep Tissue/Sports
A personalized technique to target specific deep muscle groups and promote a deep state of relaxation and balance. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle.

A combination of deep tissue and a Swedish massage. It is a pain free deep muscle therapy that releases facial adhesions, corrects structural imbalances, clears trigger points, and heals old injuries.

Nurturing and relaxing powers of touch are combined with the powerful scent of aromatic oils. Natural essential oils are blended for specific therapeutic effects and are massaged into the body using moderate pressure.

Improve circulation, reduce leg cramps, swollen ankles, and relieve headaches. A great way to stay relaxed and healthy during a very special 40 weeks (Not recommended during the first tri-mester).

Hot Stone Therapy
Smooth polished basalt lava stones are heated and applied to the body with deep heat therapy and relaxing massage. This treatment eases tight muscles, relieves stress, and alleviates tension.

Neurological pathways run through the body and converge in the feet. Reflexology re-establishes energy flows and relieves stress.

Albert Luiz Signature Massage ( 1 Hour 20 Minutes )
The ultimate in total relaxation combining three of our most requested techniques - Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone.

Couples In-Suite Massage ( 1 hour 50 min. ) $300
Enjoy the perfect quick getaway with that special someone! We invite the two of you to experience an extended shanghai massage session utilizing hot stone therapy. After which, enjoy some alone time in your private in-room jacuzzi with strawberries and your choice of juice or wine.

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